Tadika Priyaah was establish in 1986 by Mrs. Silvamani a/p Kuttikrishnan (Mrs. Segaren), started as a small kidergarten with 10 students. Now Tadika Priyaah has grown big with 200 students and has 2 branches in Shah Alam. With the years through Tadika Priyaah has created a well known name within Shah Alam and had been acknowledged by people of Shah Alam. With a great strategy Mrs. Segaren has educated the students with good knowledge and character which had been guide to the students life path. Read More

Tadika Priyaah - Seven Sentences

  1. I am in Priyaah Kindergarten
  2. I am in intelligent
  3. I am in excellent
  4. I love my parents
  5. I love my teachers
  6. I love my friends
  7. I love my kindergarten

Tadika Priyaah - 5 Golden Words

  1. Thank You - We Say As a Gratitude
  2. Welcome - To Everyone To Tadika Priyaah
  3. Please - Please Support Us as This Always
  4. Sorry - When it is a Mistake
  5. Excuse Me - If I am Wrong