About Tadika Priyaah

Tadika Priyaah was establish in 1986 by Mrs. Silvamani a/p Kuttikrishnan (Mrs. Segaren), started as a small kidergarten with 10 students. Now Tadika Priyaah has grown big with 200 students and has 2 branches in Shah Alam. With the years through Tadika Priyaah has created a well known name within Shah Alam and had been acknowledged by people of Shah Alam. With a great strategy Mrs. Segaren has educated the students with good knowledge and character which had been guide to the students life path.

About Principle's Profile

Mrs. Segaren has 28 years of experience in educating students,fondly know the principal of Tadika Priyaah started her teaching career in 1978 in Seremban.Her experience provides important insight into children development psychology. Thus, she knows creative ways of teaching which emphasize fun in learning. She has a good skill of approaching children. Besides, she always ensures that children possess a good discipline and correct them when they misbehave. The founder of Tadika Priyaah is imparting her knowledge and experience not only to her students but also to her teachers as well. Now she expanding more branches and fulfilling her dreams to provide quality education to equip students to reach their maximum potential.